I recall there being a method to create a "const" storage outside of a pallet. You have the flexibility to assign any prefix. However, I can't remember where I came across this information. Could you please guide me on how to accomplish this?

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The only thing that comes to mind from your description is the storage_alias. It can have three different kind of prefix and can be declared outside of pallets (actually anywhere).

The standard version when a pallet storage should be addressed looks like this. It is useful for writing migrations from/to pallets:

pub type PageIndex<T: Config> = StorageValue<Pallet<T>, PageIndexData>;

Now it is also possible to use another prefix, eg:

pub type PageIndex = StorageValue<MyPrefix, PageIndexData>;

Or making it entirely runtime dependant such that it can change at any time. For example when DynamicName implements Get<&'static str>:

pub type PageIndex = StorageValue<DynamicName, PageIndexData>;

Otherwise there is parameter_types, but it cannot take a custom prefix.

  • How does the b":code" work? Use sp-io to write the db directly?
    – AurevoirXavier
    Commented Nov 9, 2023 at 0:26
  • Exactly. This is why it does not have any metadata. See the key definition here and the write in System. This was done before any storage_alias existed. Commented Nov 9, 2023 at 12:18

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