What return type should I use in subxt to be able to parse the result from author_pendingExtrinsics?

I have implemented a wrapper call and returning a vector of OpaqueExtrinsic:

async fn author_pending_extrinsics(&self) -> Result<Vec<OpaqueExtrinsic>, subxt::Error> {
   self.rpc.request("author_pendingExtrinsics", rpc_params![]).await;

This is okay, but I need to get the signer and the nonce from the results. It should be possible as polkadot-js there is a type called Extrinsic with all the information I need.

Running the call in the polkadot-js web ui returns:

3: author.pendingExtrinsics: Vec<Extrinsic>
    isSigned: true
    method: {
      args: {
        dest: {
          Id: 4hNgHEdC6EZYHPFJrxFt19m3zBMbTb6ZErSbo9idCpX6n2zU
        value: 9,500,000,000,000
      method: transfer
      section: balances
    era: {
      ImmortalEra: 0x00
    nonce: 1
    signature: 0xbe779752c8893fc895cbca17b2b47b8fcde7627f1dd93d022354ba13d777f361befebc9f0862c5821c995ff1145d543114ea55fa89120d85b16815775f67658e
    signer: {
      Id: 4hNohKFDvDG8qf5SHPjhg3dhGFe4uRp136tm8eHNQ72xSYXB
    tip: 0

I have searched in the auto generated docs for my project(cargo doc --open) but could not find any suitable existing or auto generated type.

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Currently, Subxt doesn't expose the things you'd need to be able to decode these in a sensible way.

If you wanted to try it anyway, you could take the following steps:

  1. Add the RPC method a definition like this to LegacyRpcMethods (or otherwise call it:
async fn author_pending_extrinsics(&self) -> Result<Vec<Bytes>, subxt::Error> {
   self.rpc.request("author_pendingExtrinsics", rpc_params![]).await;

(I'm sortof guessing but I think that's what you need)

  1. Run something like this (not really tested):
use subxt::{OnlineClient, PolkadotConfig};
use subxt::{

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let rpc_client = RpcClient::from_url("ws://localhost:9944").await?;
    let rpc_methods = LegacyRpcMethods::<PolkadotConfig>::new(rpc_client.clone());
    let api = OnlineClient::<PolkadotConfig>::from_rpc_client(rpc_client).await?;

    // Get pending exts:
    let pending_exts = rpc_methods.author_pending_extrinsics().await?;

    // Make them the right shape:
    let pending_exts = pending_exts.into_iter().map(|e| e.0).collect();

    // Feed them into our Extrinsics struct (this new fn would need to be made pub)
    let exts = Extrinsics::new(
        // Some internal cache object:
        // ExtrinsicPartTypeIds::new would need to be made pub too:
        <PolkadotConfig as Config>::Hash::random(),

    // from here you can do all of the usual stuff that Subxt can 
    // with extrinsics (iterate, decode them etc).


You can see that a couple of things need making public and it's hideous (because this isn't a public API).

Please open an issue in the Subxt repo if you'd like this to be a public interface and we can discuss the use case and talk there :)

  • The real problem I was trying to solve was about getting the nonce compensated for pending extrinsics, and we fixed it in this github.com/paritytech/subxt/pull/1250 @jsdw if you have a look at my other PR we will have some examples how to use it as well there.
    – Simson
    Nov 21 at 1:40
  • Ah ok great, I'm still catching up after some time off :)
    – jsdw
    Nov 21 at 11:37

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