Recently in Ternoa mainnet we performed a RU(runtime upgrade) to upgrade our versions to polkato-v0.9.31. In system pallet substrate have introduced new extrinsic set_code in this version which consumes max_block_weight which is not allowing us to do any RU from this version.

When we checked these answers there are broadly two options to resolve this issue to perform a RU using a sudo_unchecked_weight or utility -> with_weight function to override the weight. but 0.9.31 version's utility pallet doesn't have with_weight function and in our chain we don't have sudo pallet. So this is becoming a serious problem for us. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED.

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I think there is still a way to do a runtime upgrade by using System::SetStorage which seems to be present in your runtime.
The weight of that should be rather low and you can overwrite the :code key.
It is very hacky since no event or log will be deposited, but besides that it should work i think. Please test it locally first with chopsticks or another way to ensure that it will not make the situation worse.

  • Thanks for putting some lights. Can you let me know how to use this System.set_storage()? Nov 2, 2023 at 13:51
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    OMG this worked like a charm, thank you Nov 2, 2023 at 14:14

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