api.tx.balances.transfer was working perfectly some time ago. I tried to re-run my testcase today and I'm getting this error.

const rawTX = api.tx.balances.transfer(alice.address, 30)
TypeError: api.tx.balances.transfer is not a function

I didn't change anything here. I'm connecting to the local substrate node but have also tested with Rococo RPC wss://rococo-contracts-rpc.polkadot.io

what is the issue here, I didn't even upgrade the polkadot version. My current version is

"@polkadot/api": "10.9.1"

I'm out of ideas any help is appreciated.

here's the code snippet

    const api = await ApiPromise.create({ provider: wsProvider });
    await api.isReady
    const keyring = new Keyring({type: 'sr25519'})
    const alice = keyring.createFromUri('//Alice')
    const rawTX = api.tx.balances.transfer(alice.address, 30)

UPDATE: I tracked the issue, I had rebuilt the docker image that is using the substrate node, I checked my code with old image and its working fine but with the new image the issue still persists. I still don't know why is this happening and I cannot use my old image as it doesn't have healthcheck. Any help is appreciated.

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since Polkadot v0.9.42 Balances::transfer has been renamed to Balances::transfer_allow_death (PR). This means you now have to either use api.tx.balances.transferAllowDeath or api.tx.balances.transferKeepAlive! :)

For reference, see the transfer-helpers in our useInkathon library. 🫡

  • This problem is also in py-substrate-interface and exactly changing the call_function:transfer to call_function:transfer_allow_death solves the problem, Thank you. Commented Feb 22 at 1:09

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