So i am running this command npx @727-ventures/typechain-compiler --config typechain.config.json to get to compile so i can write my test file for my contracts and use the typechain gotten. This is the error error[E0554]: `#![feature]` may not be used on the stable release channel --> /Users/ayomide/Desktop/Work Space/Me Protocol/rusty-protocol-v0.1/contracts/global.rs:2:1 | 2 | #![feature(min_specialization)] | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I understand that this is because i added #![feature(min_specialization)], but i am using the rust nightly channel , so if i cargo cotract build, it build and complies well. But when i run this npx @727-ventures/typechain-compiler --config typechain.config.json I get the problem. Even though i am still using nightly channel.

Any help please


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