Hi I am building a solo chain by using the substrate node template but i am stuck here that i wanna change the gas fee to 0 of every transaction that is happening on the chain this chain will be a private chain so there is no issue of security. Can some one tell me that how can i change the gas fee of the chain to zero gas less transactions. I have tried adding the custom fee into weight files but it did not work so can someone help me out to tell me how can i achieve this on a node template of substrate

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Weight and Fees are two independant concepts in Substrate. It is entirely possible to use one without the other.

Transaction payments in Substrate are done through a Signed Extension; ChargeTransactionPayment.
Here is an example of how it is configured in the Polkadot runtime here:

pub type SignedExtra = (

If you want to omit transaction fees, the only thing necessary is to remove the signed extension from the runtime. This entails also un-deploying pallet-transaction-payment, since its logic is no longer used.

Note that omitting fee payments will also remove the possibility of prioritizing transactions through a tip.

  • hey @Oliver Tale-Yazdi Is there any other way, without removing the pallet_transaction_payment in SingedExtra I was looking for a place where I could set the gas fees to zero I have also gone through this Shawn's answer
    – Mojo
    Oct 9, 2023 at 16:48
  • Yea I guess setting the convert function to zero also works. Then there is a pallet in the runtime without any use, so i would remove it. Oct 25, 2023 at 18:24

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