What is the sovereign account of a relay chain on a parachain? This can be useful for e.g. funding the account for xcm execution fee payment.

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Referring to Asset Hub's configuration to convert the multi location of the relay chain (parent: 1, interior: Here) to a native account id, ParentIsPreset is provided by the xcm-builder, the encoding is done via (ref):

        .using_encoded(|b| AccountId::decode(&mut TrailingZeroInput::new(b)))
        .expect("infinite length input; no invalid inputs for type; qed"),

This is commonly used by parachains as far as I know, but otherwise look for the LocationToAccountId => something that converts the MultiLocation of the relay chain to an AccountId.

Resulting into the AccountId: 5Dt6dpkWPwLaH4BBCKJwjiWrFVAGyYk3tLUabvyn4v7KtESG

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