After a heavy load test with thousands of transactions from a fixed set of accounts (maybe relevant due to this question), the ready pool of some nodes never empties, and for this reason many transactions get lost.

It's a Frontier based PoA chain currently with 1 validator for Aura/Grandpa and the others are full nodes.

  • Block slot: 1s
  • BlockWeights: ~500ms
  • BlockGasLimit: 10M enter image description here

The test sends thousands of ERC-20 transfers via WebSocket and listens to their events in one of the nodes

In the logs of one of the nodes I can see that the ready queue ahs the 2812 txs:

2023-09-27 17:53:35.070 DEBUG tokio-runtime-worker txpool: Resubmitted. Took 132 ms. Status: PoolStatus { ready: 2812, ready_bytes: 940124, future: 818, future_bytes: 295298 }

The only way to clear the queue seems to be restarting the nodes.

edit: more info about the chain


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