I am trying to run a Substrate node with a custom configuration using the following command:

  ./target/release/node-template \
  --base-path /tmp/pikamo \
  --chain ./customSpecRaw.json \
  --port 30333 \
  --telemetry-url "wss://telemetry.polkadot.io/submit/ 0" \
  --validator \
  --rpc-methods Unsafe \
  --name PikamoTestNet \
  --ws-external \
  --rpc-external \
  --unsafe-ws-external \
  --unsafe-rpc-external \

When I try to access the node externally, I encounter the following error:

Denied request: HTTP header: host value: verification failed

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I think this is cause by the rpc-cors rule.

Try --rpc-cors all.

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