I have an extrinsic for a poll that will end in the future. I used scheduller pallet to make the end of the poll execute. The end of the poll is then made by a root call.

Should I add the weight of both extrinsics, create and enactment, to the creation of the call so to charge the user?

Is this correct?

  • Where do you want to add the weight? The scheduler pallet does not charge any user for the weight, since its used by governance. I dont quite understand what you are trying to do. Sep 24, 2023 at 15:40
  • @OliverTale-Yazdi I have two extrinsics. Create and enactment. Create adds enactment to the agenda. I was wondering If I should add the weight of both, creation and enactment to creation. So when a user creates a poll it would pay for both.
    – Xavier
    Sep 25, 2023 at 1:16

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If I understand correctly: create creates a poll that will end at block X, presenting a poll whether or not to enact a call. Enactment will execute the call included in the poll (if it is accepted) at block X.

Weight for a call needs to be included when the call is actually executed. As for a scheduled call this is done at on_initialize.

Like Oliver said, the caller of a scheduled call doesn't have to pay in advance for the execution. However the weight is measured when the call is executed (otherwise this opens up possible attacks).

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