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Top new questions this week:

Genesis Sync and History: Are Archive Nodes Indispensable?

I've been exploring the intricacies of node types in Polkadot and other Substrate-based networks and came across a scenario that has left me curious. I understand that full nodes and archive nodes ...

substrate-node blockchain genesis architecture  
user avatar asked by ALeSD Score of 4

Integrating External Data into Blockchain: Can Validators Fetch and Incorporate API-sourced Data?

Is it feasible for validators to retrieve information from external APIs, particularly news data, and seamlessly incorporate it into the blockchain?

polkadot api runtime-api  
user avatar asked by Ajit Score of 3

"Not Requested Block Data" synching a parachain node

I am facing an issue with syncing new nodes to the bootnodes of my parachain on Kusama. The bootnodes were synced using the following commands: For fast sync: binary --chain <parachainchain> -- ...

parachain sync  
user avatar asked by ALeSD Score of 3

Do Polkadot Nodes Not Maintain the Complete Chain History?

I'm using Polkadot version 1.3.0-7c9fd83805c. When syncing a node with the command: ➜ ~ polkadot --tmp I've encountered an error preventing me from retrieving the genesis block: -32000: Client error:...

nodes archive  
user avatar asked by ALeSD Score of 2
user avatar answered by AurevoirXavier Score of 0

when will `‘Balances::transfer' will be removed` take into effect on main-net?

In this link Balances::transfer will be removed it say 'transfer' is deprecated. I have experienced this change on test-net and fixed my Dapp after got failure report. But when does it take into ...

polkadot-js runtime runtime-upgrade  
user avatar asked by breeze wang Score of 2

jsonrpc method `payment_queryInfo` is being deprecated

I saw this polkadot API document: and it mentioned that the payment_queryInfo is deprecated and should use ...

polkadot-js runtime-api substrate-api-client  
user avatar asked by johnhckuo Score of 1
user avatar answered by Alberto Nicolas Penayo Score of 2

What is chain decimal?

I saw token decimal has different value like 12, 10, 6 in different substrate chain, What exactly it means and what is the use of it?

polkadot parachain  
user avatar asked by Ganesh11 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Simson Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any way to access the accountid inside the offchain worker?

I am coding a pallet in which I need to know who I am inside a offchain worker to check if I should send a transaction or not. Right now I have access to the account in the send_signed_transaction ...

substrate-node-template rust frontier  
user avatar asked by Gabriel Martinez Score of 4
user avatar answered by Bernardo Rodrigues Score of 1

Rust WASM toolchain not installed, please install it! -- Basilisk node

I know that similar questions have been asked before but I am not able to resolve this issue with my setup. I am trying to run a basilisk node but keep running into the errors below. The error log: ...

rust macos  
user avatar asked by James Score of 2
user avatar answered by Oliver Tale-Yazdi Score of 3

How to implement NFTs on a substrate chain?

I want to implement NFTs on a substrate chain. Could someone provide options/resources which can help me accomplish this?

pallet nft  
user avatar asked by Pankaj Score of 2

`MaxEncodedLen` is not implemented for `Vec<u8>`

Here is a simple edit of the pallet/template/ that uses Vec<u8> in storage: #![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)] pub use pallet::*; #[frame_support::pallet] pub mod ...

user avatar asked by Artur Gontijo Score of 8
user avatar answered by Shawn Tabrizi Score of 13

Token(CannotCreate) error on transferring asset to PalletId account

I'm new to Substrate and I'm creating a pallet in which the user can create contests by depositing a certain amount of assets. My idea is to send that amount to the PalletId account, but I'm having an ...

error assets palletid  
user avatar asked by Pablo Lopes Score of 1

How do I fix a failed build error [E0635]: unknown feature 'proc_macro_span_shrink'?

Following the instructions at ( until I received a build error, executing the instructions under the 'Error' heading, I received the following ...

substrate-node-template error build  
user avatar asked by Brian Score of 6
user avatar answered by AurevoirXavier Score of 1

Efficient debugging method with ink!

Problem I always use the following method to debug ink! However, that method is not very efficient when implementing complex contracts. Furthermore, there is a demerit that many debug statements will ...

ink debugging  
user avatar asked by s.Takahashi Score of 5
user avatar answered by Ashutosh Varma Score of 6

Can you answer these questions?

Build a test node without exposing Alice account

I need to build and run a substrate node in a such way that will not display Alice, Bob etc at accounts page. I tried to remove all mentioning of Alice, Bob etc. from the rust ...

substrate-node-template apps  
user avatar asked by Denis Reshetov Score of 1
user avatar answered by Dsa Score of 0

Why does in polkadot and most other chain xcm pallet the XcmExecution filter is set deny all instructions

// ...but they must match our filter, which rejects all. type XcmExecuteFilter = Nothing; // == Deny All

user avatar asked by Mrisho Lukamba Score of 1

When doing transaction my total issuance got deducted

I am currently working on incorporating a transaction fee logic where the block reward for a validator is intended to be shared between the validator and its nominator. However, I am encountering an ...

balances transaction-fees  
user avatar asked by Arunjot Singh Score of 1
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