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Top new questions this week:

What is the SS58 Format?

I'm looking for a high level overview of the SS58 format I found this but can't seem to find an overview description What is the SS58 format? Where is it used? What are the whys and wherefores?

user avatar asked by Lee Score of 2
user avatar answered by Lee Score of 3

Invalid generic declaration when using FRAME macro pallet::error

I want to add custom error types to a working pallet (permalink duniter-wot/src/ In this current state, cargo check pass successfully. According to Substrate documentation frame-macros/#...

pallet frame macro  
user avatar asked by Hugo Trentesaux Score of 2
user avatar answered by Oliver Tale-Yazdi Score of 2

Is there a way to add a some transaction message to the dot transfer?

Example: If we are doing 10DOT Transfer from one address to another address, Can we attach some description like "test transaction" or "investment"?

user avatar asked by Bhagath Reddy Score of 2
user avatar answered by AurevoirXavier Score of 4

Is there a way query the denomination information of a substrate token from the runtime?

Different substrate chains have different denominations for native tokens. For example, to get human readable amounts with Polkadot you have to divide by 1e10, Kusama by 1e12, Acala by 1e12 etc. Is ...

user avatar asked by olliecorbs Score of 2
user avatar answered by Oliver Tale-Yazdi Score of 3

What's the meaning of `weightLimit: Unlimited` in `BuyExecution`?

What's the meaning of weightLimit: Unlimited in BuyExecution? When should I use a certain amount? Because I found that people always use Unlimited.

user avatar asked by AurevoirXavier Score of 2
user avatar answered by joepetrowski Score of 2

FailedToTransactAsset when sending USDt from Statemint to another parachain

Now that USDt is released on Statemint, we want to use this in our parachain 'Astar'. It was no problem to send USDt from Tether to Statemint but not possible to sent the asset to another parachain. ...

xcm statemint  
user avatar asked by Maarten Henskens Score of 1
user avatar answered by Maarten Henskens Score of 2

Barrier error during initiating HRMP channel with Rockmine on Rococo

I want to open HRMP channel with Rockmine on rococo. But I got the Barrier error and can't understand what is wrong with my request. This is my encoded call data ...

polkadot parachain xcm rococo hrmp  
user avatar asked by cr4pto Score of 1
user avatar answered by Guantong Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

On empty blocks, who is paying timestamp fees?

On empty blocks you can see such transactions where paysFee: Yes. What does it mean though? Who is paying the fees for the timestamp module?

fee timestamp  
user avatar asked by Purple_Turtle Score of 5
user avatar answered by Shawn Tabrizi Score of 6

What's the overhead associated with the `#[transactional]` macro?

Substrate has a macro, #[transactional], to ensure that any modifications to storage are not persisted in case of an error during execution. I imagine there's some sort of caching done before ...

pallet storage runtime weight  
user avatar asked by HCastano Score of 7
user avatar answered by Shawn Tabrizi Score of 4

How to import a token from Parachain X to my Parachain Y

Given one of the core USPs of Polkadot is its modularity and interoperability, it should be relatively easy to allow assets/tokens to be transferred between chains via XCM My question is about what is ...

xcm assets orml-xtokens  
user avatar asked by Sam Elamin Score of 9
user avatar answered by Gav Score of 2

Wider Parachain Testing: Westend or Rococo?

I'm planning out next tier of testing a parachain after local testing. There is both Westend and Rococo testnets, but I'm not 100% sure what the differences are between the two of them. Which one (or ...

rococo westend  
user avatar asked by Wil W Score of 3
user avatar answered by Santiago Balaguer Score of 4

How can I run an interBTC vault?

Interlay (interBTC) is a parachain that allows users to use their BTC on other parachains by locking up BTC in vaults, which, if I understood correctly act as a network of verifiers. How can I run an ...

parachain bitcoin interbtc  
user avatar asked by Sacha Lansky Score of 5
user avatar answered by CustomBlink Score of 5

Proper removal of Substrate Pallet, including storage / prefix

There are a few other questions related to this topic: removal of storage prefix clearing the storage In terms of functions related to these actions, I found the following: remove_storage_prefix ...

user avatar asked by Raid Ateir Score of 5
user avatar answered by Shawn Tabrizi Score of 3

Multiple instances of Treasury pallet

I wondered how to create multiple instances of the pallet Treasury and couldn't find any examples so far. One example is pallet Membership, which doesn't have any dependencies, while the Treasury ...

runtime pallet-treasury  
user avatar asked by vovacha Score of 4
user avatar answered by AurevoirXavier Score of 2

Can you answer these questions?

Updating AssetId when using pallet_assets

I am trying to use the pallet_asset, but the AssetId type is giving me some trouble. Try nbr.1: Create a storage value TokenId that takes a u32 Create the AssetId from the u32 inside the storage: ...

pallet assets types  
user avatar asked by Kazunobu Ndong Score of 1
user avatar answered by cr4pto Score of -1

How to conditionally include an extrinsic with a rustc feature?

Hey Substrate Community, is there a way to annotate a extrinsic call function with the Rust cfg condition compile execution? #[cfg_attr(feature = "with-global-disputes", pallet::weight(T::...

extrinsic call configuration command features  
user avatar asked by Chralt Score of 1

Undeclared crate error (pallet_scheduler) when trying to follow the getting started tutorial "Upgrade a running network"

I am trying to following the tutorials at and I am getting stuck on this one. Specifically, when I add this code to my runtime/src/ file: impl pallet_scheduler::Config for Runtime ...

user avatar asked by Roger J Bos CFA Score of 1
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