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Top new questions this week:

Reorg happens regularly on async backing parachain

When testing different async backing parachains (parachain-template-node/moonriver-local/ajuna-local) with different polkadot versions (rococo-local), these parachains can generate blocks every 6 ...

user avatar asked by Jay Pan Score of 2
user avatar answered by bkchr Score of 0

Size of Relay Chain state proof becomes big after enabling async backing

our team has tested our own Relay Chain(forked from polkadot-release-1.10) with async backing feature based on the wiki. Our Relay Chain has two operating parachains. However, it seems like Relay ...

polkadot-sdk async-backing  
user avatar asked by Raf Score of 2
user avatar answered by AurevoirXavier Score of 0

Runtime Upgrade with Block Time Change Stops Block Production

I am performing a runtime upgrade for my Substrate-based blockchain, specifically changing the block time from 6 seconds to 1 second. The upgrade is executed successfully using the set_code function, ...

runtime runtime-upgrade substrate-block-time  
user avatar asked by Superluminal Score of 1
user avatar answered by bkchr Score of 1

Chain halts after runtime upgrade | Getting `Ignoring empty epoch change.` `Error with block built on`

I have a solo chain using Babe consensus. In my new branch, I implemented OneSessionHandler in one of my pallets. I am using this to collect active validators. It's working fine if I run chain with my ...

substrate-node babe epoch  
user avatar asked by Boleng Score of 1
user avatar answered by bkchr Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Implementing pallet_contracts into node

I'm trying to implement pallet_contracts into my node, but that results in an error. I don't get why I'm getting this error and what I'm supposed to do with it. Checking pallet-contracts v4.0.0-...

substrate-node-template pallet-contracts  
user avatar asked by Arjan van Eersel Score of 1
user avatar answered by pmikolajczyk41 Score of 0

Unable to execute any multisig transaction on Polkadot

I started off wanting to set and identity for a multisig I created on Polkadot, but cannot execute any transactions from the multisig. I have an account, currently with ~6 DOT and a newly created ...

polkadot multisig identity  
user avatar asked by user4574 Score of 2
user avatar answered by dominique Score of 3

What is the difference between the extrinsics utility.batch() and utility.batchAll()?

I would like to batch several extrinsic calls into one transactions, but I am not sure if I should use utility.batch() or utility.batchAll(). What is the difference?

user avatar asked by Bruno Score of 6
user avatar answered by Bruno Score of 7

Is there a Zkp pallet? or implementation?

I am looking for the application of ZKP protocols in Substrate. By looking around I've found a project called ZeroChain but it seems to be deprecated and no longer maintained. Are there any Substrate ...

pallet zero-knowlage  
user avatar asked by katapulte Score of 6
user avatar answered by pepyakin Score of 5

Failed to load manifest for workspace member error

error: failed to load manifest for workspace member /home/kaioh/dropbox-clone/node Caused by: failed to load manifest for dependency node-dropbox-runtime Caused by: failed to load manifest for ...

user avatar asked by Kaioh33 Score of 1
user avatar answered by jakerumbles Score of 2

access storage map from another pallet without trait pallet Config

I have one pallet with a storagemap that I want to use/call with another Pallet. After doing some research I ran over Centrifuge fudge project(

pallet storage frame storagenmap liberland  
user avatar asked by flipchan Score of 4
user avatar answered by mustermeiszer Score of 4

failed to resolve: use of undeclared crate or module `imp`

I got this error when building the whole project 'cargo build --release'. But build package works fine 'cargo build -p pallet-template' error: the wasm32-unknown-unknown target is not supported by ...

user avatar asked by Stefan Muto Score of 4
user avatar answered by ironman_ch_parami Score of -3

Can you answer this question?

Can we stop asking to approve upgrading the metadata in browser extensions?

Given that we now merklise the metadata (for the polkadot ledger app), is it still needed to ask for user permission to upgrade the metadata for polkadot.js and each browser extension? If we can prove ...

metadata browser-extension  
user avatar asked by Squirrel Score of 1
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